Friday, September 25, 2015


Photography by Greg Yakubov for P, N & F 

LA based-Designer Michael Costello debuted his S/S 2016 runway collection last Tuesday. The Project Runway finalist who also designed BeyoncĂ©’s iconic 2014 Grammy gown, held his show to a packed house at Pier 59 studios.

Inspired by feminine decadence, Costello is merging his bold shapes with a softer and sweeter color palate. “This collection has more movement, leaving more to the imagination,” according to Costello. “It evokes the sexiness of a tight dress with the draping of an elegant gown.” This collection showcases brighter gem tones such as fuchsias, blues, emeralds, bold yellows and golds, using the body as contrast. 

One notable element in Costello's collection is his use of drapery. The way they are incorporated into carpet ready gowns and chic pantsuits, instantly had me wanting every piece.The collection also consisted of intricate beadwork, deep-V cuts and yes even crowns, showing that Costello knows how to do show stopping looks right.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Georgine held her S/S 2016 runway show last Sunday at Skylight Moynihan Station. This season was my 4th covering the designer and she has become one of my favorites during Fashion Week. 

"For spring 2016 I was interested in breaking the rules and perception in regards to clothing. For example why does a jean jacket not be made out of leather and why can I not make an evening gown out of spandex, that is also reservable. I wanted to use modern day technology and transition it into my garments." Georgine stated when discussing the inspiration for the new collection. "We used lots of fur, we dyed them really bright fun summer colors, we used lots of embroidery and sequins this season, we really had fun with it" she added.

One of my favorite pieces from the collection was a floral collar dress with pink fur sleeves, showcasing that breaking the rules pays off. Being a graphic designer, I couldn't get enough of the color palette/color-blocking in a lot of the pieces, which reminded me of fun pantone swatches.

When designing, listening to music is a huge part of Georgine's process, and can range from techno, jazz to gospel. Which you can tell when watching the models bouncing down the runway to David Bowie 70's classics. Overall this collection is fun & colorful with pieces perfect for Spring.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


New York-based designer Jay Godfrey’s Spring 2016 Presentation was held Saturday, September 12th at Pier 59 Studios. 

The Spring collection was inspired by the work of the late interior designer and architect David Collins. It pays tribute to Collins’ use of simplicity and architectural lines. “He had a way with white that was very sensual and sexy but very architectural, modern and clean.” Godfrey said when describing Collins work. To me this is exactly what the brand represents, a sexy modern and clean design. 

“It is an entire collection of white looks with women of color modeling.” Godfrey also stated. Which personally is a refreshing thing to see during NYFW. Being multicultural myself, it is very empowering. A trend I hope will and needs to continue in more NYFW shows. 

This collection is perfect for spring. Most of the pieces had cut-out detailing that really flatters the body and adds to the clean modern silhouettes that Godfrey’s brand is known for. Each season I now look forward to his presentations and it always is a highlight for me.

All photos taking by Greg Yakubov for Pins, Needles & Fashion