Friday, September 25, 2015


Photography by Greg Yakubov for P, N & F 

LA based-Designer Michael Costello debuted his S/S 2016 runway collection last Tuesday. The Project Runway finalist who also designed BeyoncĂ©’s iconic 2014 Grammy gown, held his show to a packed house at Pier 59 studios.

Inspired by feminine decadence, Costello is merging his bold shapes with a softer and sweeter color palate. “This collection has more movement, leaving more to the imagination,” according to Costello. “It evokes the sexiness of a tight dress with the draping of an elegant gown.” This collection showcases brighter gem tones such as fuchsias, blues, emeralds, bold yellows and golds, using the body as contrast. 

One notable element in Costello's collection is his use of drapery. The way they are incorporated into carpet ready gowns and chic pantsuits, instantly had me wanting every piece.The collection also consisted of intricate beadwork, deep-V cuts and yes even crowns, showing that Costello knows how to do show stopping looks right.