December 06, 2011

Graphic by me (JMH Designs) with some stock vectors
     This is just a little wish list for the upcoming winter season. This list is holiday themed but its more what I will try and save up to buy for myself. Realistically all I really want this Christmas is everyone I love and know to be healthy and happy.

Shoes: (Left) Alexander Wang, (Middle) Alexander McQueen, (Right) Alexander McQueen
Both Alexander's are ruling my list for shoes! It's hard to pick just a couple from each of their 
amazing collections. I know I'd wear all three over and over again.

Dresses: (Left) ASOS Premium Leather Dress with Cutwork, (Right) Versace for H&M
I love the color of the Asos dress plus the cut work makes it even more beautiful. As you can see, I tried on the Versace for H&M dress. However I couldn't afford the 300 dollars plus tax at the time to buy it. Instead I got two other Versace items (A dress and top) for half the price. This is still on the list. BTW I went to an H&M in the city yesterday (when I tried this on) some of the stores still carry the good stuff or got a few extras left!
Bags: (Left) MARC BY MARC JACOBS Bob's Memphis Color Block Satchel ( Right) MARC BY MARC JACOBS Petal to the Metal Voyage Satchel
I got my first Marc Jacobs bag in high school about 6 years ago and the love keeps on growing. I'm definitely saving up to buy one of these bad boys. 

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  1. love the versace for H&M dress!!!! so beautiful! their whole collection was just so amazing! :D

  2. Great wishlist, I really need to make one. Love the bags.

    xo erica

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  4. That studded dress looks stunning on you xoxo!!!
    Wishlist always gets longer....the closer we are to Christmas :)))

  5. That studded dress is so nice, it was one of my favorites from the collection. I also love the bags, makes me want a Marc Jacobs one now.


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