February 15, 2012

I was offered an amazing opportunity to be a contributor for the wonderful
Icon Concierge. If you haven't been to the site, I suggest you go visit after reading this. They cover everything from NYFW to the latest in fashion, trust me it will become your new favorite fashion site. Plus they have big things in store for 2012.

I was asked to cover the Sally LaPointe show, which was an experience and a half. Not only getting the chance to attend her creative Fall 2012 runway show, but also getting a backstage view and interview with the amazing designer herself.

When first entering the Sally LaPointe Fall 2012 fashion show during the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week at Center 548, a hallway of lit light-bulbs greet you. Combine the lights with the fog that covered the runway, and it created the perfect platform for the unique designer. Known for her sharp-shouldered, angular and futuristic pieces that Lady Gaga has taken a strong liking to, LaPointe has been creating some jaw dropping signature looks for the Fame Monster. When asked how it feels having Lady Gaga and other celebrities wearing her line she stated “It helps, it’s definitely a very cool thing. It’s amazing what that can do for you with the internet, it gets out very quickly."
LaPointe got her inspiration from the book The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. “It is the tale of the traveling salesman who wakes up to find out he has been turned into a giant insect-like creature. He then goes through a process of isolation and neglect that eventually leads to his premature death. So I wanted just a really emotional and beautiful narrative going into this season. I read the book over the summer and it clicked for me. I wanted to present that to my viewers.” she said.
This journey of a transformation is shown through her gorgeous colors and really showcases the beautiful narrative she aimed for. From the blue, green, orange and rust- colored prints to the drapes and layers, these elements added the perfect dramatic effect. These pieces of the collection are definitely the most eye catching. Other pieces included a few black lace dresses that caught my eye. One in particular, a short black laced dress with a triangle cut out in the front, left a strong impression on the audience. The rest of the pieces ranged from soft ivory capes, trousers and gold metallic dresses; to the navy, maroon and brown pieces that are perfect for fall.
The backstage atmosphere was calm and relaxed. “Its good, this is going into the fourth season. Definitely still a big deal and feeling the nerves and everything but I guess I know what to expect so it makes it a little bit easier. ” Laointe said.  When asked about being calm she also mentioned. “people say that to me, your so calm right now and I’m like am I?‘ but its good.”
Not only did Lapointe’s collection bring the emotion of the Metamorphosis, the music enhanced the experience as well. MRWILSONDJ provided a powerful soundtrack to her vision and incredible fall 2012 show.
So what is next for this amazing designer? “Next season I actually already have my inspiration and some ideas so its continuing and moving forward.”

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 PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Greg Yakubov for Icon Concierge


 DESIGNER : Sally LaPointe

I would like to thank Sade founder of Icon Concierge for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to working on more events with them in the future.  


  1. all these pictures look soooo good!

  2. I love backstage looks. That first dress is SO pretty -- very fluid.
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  3. Great pictures... hope I can go to next NYFW and then we will meet us there, good idea? ;)

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  4. what a crazy experience! The show looks incredible and she designed some really beautiful pieces! I'm looking forward to read more articles from you, what a lucky girl!*

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  7. she did great this season! and thanks for sharing! look forward to her next season

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  9. i am SO jealous :) its all so beautiful! i love your blog, sincerely :)

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  10. That is amazing!! It's always fun to attend shows and go in the backstage to see all the magic happen :D:X

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  14. I love the prints of the collection- they add another dimension to the clothes, sort of say. And yes, style concierge is pretty cool!

  15. Wow..such a golden opportunity for u. Great coverage babe! U must be proud of ur work.
    U have an amazing job there. I wish I was there. :P

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    Alexandra xo

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