September 10, 2012

I was a contributor for the wonderful Icon Concierge once again this NYFW.  I was not only lucky enough to cover Katya Leonovich but get the chance to go backstage, get an interview and sit front row. You can imagine my excitement, and nerves. It was my second day ever being in the tents, so I started getting the hang of it. I'm kinda obsessed with how cool it is in there, free soda and water? yes and yes.  It was an amazing experience, and I'm so grateful.

Below is my article:

      Katya Leonovich’s collection has a beautiful range of pieces with prints that leave the viewer observing the details. In some of her dresses, the fabric consisted of human anatomy sketches mixed with abstract collages of color. When asked about the inspiration for the collection Leonovich said, “Sometimes I think about the shape of the human body, and how it goes through a metamorphosis. This is what I translated into my collection this spring.”

Her spring/summer 2013 collection also marked the first time she presented a runway show during New York Fashion Week. She did runway shows in Paris and Milan prior to this debut. The past two seasons, she did presentations, which was unusual for her. She feels more normal doing runway shows. Leonovich said, “When you see a woman walking, it’s more sexy. The whole runway process is fascinating to me.”

When it comes to music, Leonovich likes jazz and blues. However sometimes when she is designing dresses she puts on french music. The dresses in her collection show that romantic aspect, with flowy and silky fabrics. The cutouts in some of the dresses were at the perfect spots that gave it a playful and sweet vibe.

One of the moments that grabbed the audiences attention was when two models walked side by side down the runway. When people started to observe the prints more closely, they were the faces of electoral candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney incorporated onto the dresses, one model wearing each.

The rest of the collection consisted of beautiful whites, grays, greens and beige hues, perfect for spring.

Click here to read more of my article for the Icon Concierge & view more photos! (All photos were taken by my photographer Greg Yakubov. ) 

DESIGNER : Katya Leonovich

I would like to thank Sade founder of Icon Concierge for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to working on more events with them in the future. 


  1. Great photos, the collection is amazing!


  2. These photos are stunning! Great eye and photography :) Check us out too! Hugs from Cali xx,The Golden Girls

  3. Dresses in the third picture are great. Cheers and thank you for your comment ;))

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  5. Dude you're so lucky! I wish I was in NY right now, going to fw shows and all that stuff. Anyway, I love this colection. I really, really do!



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