February 14, 2013

Erin Barr was one of my favorite collections last season. So this season I was excited to not only attend her first runway show, but get a backstage look and interview the talented Barr.

For the Fall '13 collection she went back to her northern Wisconsin roots, where she spent time after her last collection to rest. With the dramatic use of zippers, cuts and leather, the collection brings an edger more sophisticated feel to the brand. Not to mention the tailoring of the pieces compliments the menswear vibe making a sexy chic collection. "Last season was more of bold graphics, a little girlier. This season I wanted something more moody." Barr stated. The styling was also on point, with leather gloves and sunglasses really setting the moody tone. The color palette consisted of blacks, whites, grays, greens, purples and my personal favorite mint green. The use of color was a perfect way to break up all the dark giving a pop of color throughout the collection.

One of my favorite pieces was a black and white dress with a sheer bottom. The hip hugging, use of zipper details and cuts in the right places instantly drew my attention. It wasn't a surprise that it was Erin's favorite as well. 

Erin Barr continues to be one my favorite designers and is becoming a staple for New York Fashion Week.  I look forward to what she has in store next season. 

All photography by Greg Yakubov for Pins, Needles & Fashion.

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  1. Great photos! So amazing that you got to go backstage as well!
    Loving the cutouts in her dresses and the muted colors

  2. The over sized coats are amazing, I love this collection.

  3. Love the geometric elements! So stunning.

    Alexandra xo

  4. Lovely photos, the backstage ones are awesome too, I always love to see those! The collection is seriously beautiful, I especially love the oversized coat & the dresses with zips/cutouts!

  5. Gorgeous designs! I love the color of that purple dress - it's becoming a favorite clothing color for me! I love how it looks with mint!


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