Thursday, November 7, 2013


  (Coat: Zara  Jacket: Mango   Shirt: Urban Outfitters  Pants: Forever 21 Bag: London Fog  Boots:Gifted)

Two of the biggest Fall trends are plaid and leather, and I love mixing them together. I got this shirt 3 years ago, and even though plaid is a trend, its one that sticks fall in and fall out. 

Over the weekend, I got the chance to not only attend the Youtube Awards, but be an extra in the Arcade Fire performance. It was a great day of rehearsals, pizzas, enjoying the live music and craziness of the awards
(a few pics on Instagram- jmhdesigns).

Are you guys liking the plaid trend?


  1. your jacket is amazing! love the full layering here

  2. I'm always so impressed by your impeccable photos! So sharp and cllleaaar. :D I am loving the layering with those white pieces up top, and your leggings are super shiny and rad.

  3. Love the plaid! Especially love the lip color!

  4. I am in love with your lip color and your long outer coat. This is one of the reasons I love winter--you get to wear great pieces like that. But probably the biggest downside of winter is dry skin! A lot of women get dry skin and irritation from shaving, but it's avoidable if you use a quality razor. We're a shaving company called Dorco, and we think every woman should be able to afford high quality razors. Check out our prices for yourself at Thanks again for this post--such great wardrobe inspiration!

  5. I love your makeup especialy your lip colour and the dress sense really iam impressed ...
    Awesome tartan blouse! :)


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