December 17, 2013

1. Salt & Pepper Shaker : This super packed Salt & Pepper Shaker is perfect for the kid
 inside of any guy.

2. Pac Man Bottle Opener: Same goes for this retro throw back to a classic arcade game.

3. Glass Screen Protector for iPhone: My boyfriend just recently dropped his phone, and of course the screen was the first thing to go. This gift comes in handy for future spills, damage & scratches.

4. Camera Lens Mug: If the fella in your life either has a passion for photography, or ended up learning photography because of your blog, this is a fun gift idea. I actually got this one for my guy last year and he still uses it!

5. Camera Lens Mug with Handle: Same as above.

6. Herschel Supply Packable Duffle: For the man on the go, this packable duffle bag is ideal! Herschel also makes a packable backpack & messenger bag. All for only $29.99. It's sold in most Urban Outfitters and other stores, if its too late for shipping. 

7. Herschel Supply Messenger: Almost all  the guys in my life love a good messenger bag, especially one with a pocket for their water bottle. 

8. Time Watch Weekender: My favorite thing about Timex watches are the slip through straps, perfect for customizing without repeatedly buying a new watch.

10. Top Man Burgundy Beanie & Topman Navy Beanie: Nothing goes better in the winter then a guy and their beanie.

*Splurge Item* Crosley Turntable Record Player: Record players have made their way back, with more stores selling records and current artists still making them. This is a great gift to give without breaking the bank. Hurry though, it sold out online so just check your local store (mine still has a couple left). 

1. VIP Pack0 Dry Bar: Perfect for on the go blowouts! Easy to carry and travel size.

2. Tarte The Best for Lash 4-Piece Deluxe Eye Set: This hand-picked, four-piece eye set delivers essential nutrients that strengthen, lengthen and condition lashes. 

3. Too Faced Beauty Blogger Darlings: Perfect for the bloggers in your life! Packed with products most beloved by the brand's favorite beauty bloggers and bloggers.

4. Laptop Bag: For those tech savvy or always with a laptop on hand, this bag is the perfect mix of professional and stylish.

5. Feline Wine Bottle Holder: This fun and unique gift is ideal for the cat lover in your life. 

6. Michael Kors Tech Beanie: I actually own this and I love it. Its a great beanie with headphones so she can keep warm and jam out to her favorite songs all at once.

7.Red Flats 8. Black Flats 9. Nude Flats: Who doesn't love a good flat? All three of these are perfect for spring, summer and work!

10. Kate Spade Pouch: This pouch will get her holiday & NYE ready. 


  1. This was a very useful post because I haven't yet bought a present for my boyfriend or my dad.

  2. Great choices! I am loving the salt and pepper shakers. Soooo cute!


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