April 28, 2014

 (Jacket: Clavin Klein  Shirt: Target  Jeans: H&M  Sunglasses: No name Bag: Philip Lim for Target  Shoes: Target)

So two things are going on in these photos. Last Monday, I fell, hurt both my knees and sprained my ankle. I've been on bed rest ever since. Yesterday was the first day I got to spend outside, after days of having cabin fever. I soaked up as much sun as I could. My ankle is still healing so I do gotta watch how much I walk, but thankfully I'm getting better. I had to keep it casual due to this and what better way, then denim on denim. It's always a go to move.

Secondly, I managed to get a haircut, since summer is right around the corner. After cutting 5/6 inches off, it just feels so much better. I'm thinking of even going shorter soon. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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