August 07, 2014

As you saw from the previous post, my boyfriend and I visited Vegas last week. Our second time there and we realized how much Vegas had changed in just one year. With the addition of the Linq and High roller to the additions in the hotels themselves. Most of the days were spent lounging by the pool and lazy river. Other days we explored the things we missed  last time on the strip. Plus with so many "west coast" food options like In n Out, Pinks, and Sprinkles (even though they did open up NYC locations and a cupcake ATM) we were always eating.

As much as I hate flying and trust me, being a bad flyer is an understatement, flying to Vegas is breathtaking. For about an hour before landing, you get the best views (if its not cloudy) of the Hoover Dam and mountains. I always have my camera ready to make sure I capture it. The main photo is of the Hoover Dam and seeing it from above was just worth the 5 hour flight. Also our first day there, happened to be a lightning/thunderstorm.  Being from the east coast I barely find this exciting. However being in our hotel room where there are no buildings blocking us, let us see lightning in a whole new way. And let's just say, it was amazing. We were on our way to dinner, but I had to spend 30 minutes just marveling and snapping photographs (like the one in this post).  We just never seem to get enough of Vegas and I'm sure it will not be the last time we visit. With sun filled days, hot temperatures and funs things to do, whats not to love.


  1. lovely photos, looks like you had a blast! the lighting shot is amazing!

  2. Looks like alot of fun and the scenery is gorgeous

  3. Look so much fun! The scenery pictures are beautiful, can't believe you can see that from the plane.

    ♥ Cassandra,

  4. seems like you had a great time :)

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  5. It looks amazing! & I love your floral pants!

  6. awesome photos! looks like you had an amazing time :D

  7. Amazing photographs and I cannot wait to visit Las Vegas! -Stephanie


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