February 13, 2015

Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, I thought I'd share a last minute idea. This can be used in place of a card or just a little something extra for your special sweetheart. You can design it on the computer or use sharpies/pens and design by hand. 

I decided to made a rectangular box and cut a little window out. I taped a piece of acetate (or you could use plastic) to the other side before assembling it. Check out this template maker for some help/ideas.

For the little book, the easiest way is to cut out pieces of paper to be the same size, then fold them in half and once you have them stacked in order just simply staple the center. You can find scrapbook/craft paper in most art or paper stores as well as Michaels and Target. I've also found some in TJ Max and other discount stores. 

Then comes the fun part, writing sweet messages, quotes, drawings or even song lyrics.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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