February 22, 2016

Georgine is always a must during NYFW and this season was held at The Gallery at Skylight Lincoln Center.

The Fall collection was inspired by the work of The Brothers Grimm and the long time struggle between the good and the evil (heroes and villains) found in Fairy Tales. Imagining what these characters would wear today and creating a modern take on them, makes this season one of my favorites. I personally love Fairy Tales and am a fan of Once Upon a Time (TV Show) so this collection gained my attention from start to finish. Some of the "good/hero" aspects of the collection included an embroidered "Once upon a time" dress paired with a leather jacket and a blue all sequin gown. These pieces really showcasing the modern and edgy take on classic characters. One of my favorite looks was a black lace dress with a red silk parka, really re-imagining red riding hood in a stylish and fun way. The last styles going down the runway were meant to reflect contemporary witches and villains, with black sheers and lace, showcasing  the sex appeal.

What I love most about this collection is the balance of the childhood tales we love and not creating literal interpretations but instead subtle and wearable modern pieces.

Video (filmed and edited) and backstage photos by me

Runway photos by MAO PR


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